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If you aren't in any rush for your apostilled documents, we are able to offer you a cheaper service.

The timescale for this service is about 1-2 weeks.

Basic Service

Apostille Certificate/Legalisation

where a document requires no prior interaction before being presented for apostille



  • Adoption Certificates

  • Affidavits signed by a solicitor or notary

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Name Change Deed Polls signed by a Solicitor or Notary

  • Decree Nisi/Absolute & Annulments bearing a Court stamp

  • Probate

  • Deeds & Wills signed by a Solicitor

  • Power of Attorney & Letters of Authorisation witnessed by a Solicitor or Notary

  • Notary Oaths

  • National Identification Certificates

  • ACRO Certificate carrying the signature of an official

  • Agreements & Mandates witnessed by a Solicitor or Notary

  • UK Border Agency Letters

  • HRMC Letters carrying the signature of an HMRC official

Enhanced Service

Apostille Certificate/Legalisation

where UK Registered & Practicing Solicitor Certification is required prior to application for apostille


  • Disclosure Scotland Certificates or CRB/DBS without the signature of an official

  • Awards & Degrees (UK issued)

  • Diplomas & Transcripts

  • Passports

  • ​Driving Licences

  • Permits & Identity Documents

  • Naturalisation Certificates

  • Baptism & Confirmation Certificates

  • Bills of Sale & Proof of Ownership

  • Private Papers & Letters of Administration

Providing What You Need


​We are document legalisation experts based in the UK.

​In-house solicitor certification/notarisation included where applicable.


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Providing assistance in all aspects of uk document legalisation, apostille certificates and embassy attestation.

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